Holiday Dinner 2016

The 2016 EAA162 chapter holiday dinner will be held at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 9, 2016 at Lucky Bamboo Chinese Restaurant, 5855 Charlotte Pike (Charlotte by White Bridge Road).

We will start at 6:30 pm with social gathering and refreshments. It's a BYOB gathering since they do not have a liquor license but will supply glasses, etc.Dinner starts serving at 7:00 pm.

The dinner is open to all so bring your spouse and invite friends.

Steve Kravitz has arranged for two different types of dinners; both are served family style at large round tables. The first is an authentic chinese dinner for basic diners.  It is not spicy or hot so all can enjoy. The second is a Special Dinner for the more adventurous.  It has a lot of Malaysian-style food with more seasoning. The menus are shown below.


Cost is $28 per person which include tax and tip.

We need at least 8 persons (one table) per style of dinner.

We need your choice of dinner style and the number of person attending by December 2 to submit to the restaurant for planning purposes.

Please confirm with your choice of dinner via email and send your check made out to EAA162 (not refundable) to:

Steve Kravitz
928 Harriswood Drive
Nashville, TN  37205


For email contact use either EAA groups or


Authentic SE Asian
Private Dinner Menu
Starter: Dim Sum Combo Platter: Shrimp Dumpling, Shumai, Steamed
             Pork Bun
Soup:    Seafood TOFU Soup
Main Course:
             Honey Walnut Shrimp
             Peking Duck
            Sauteed Sweet Pea Leaves
            Orange Chicken
           Twin Lobster in Ginger Scallion
           Chinese Steak
           Assorted Pan Fried Noodle
Dessert: Egg Tart & Sesame Ball w. Red Bean Paste
Drink: Tea & Soda


Special Authentic SE Asian
Private Dinner Menu  For the more Adventurous diner.
Starter: Roti Chanai (Malaysian Indian Flatbed served w. Curry Sauce)
            Murtabak (Malaysian Style Mushu / "burrito)
Soup:  Bak Kuh Teh (Herbal Pork Rib Soup)
Main Course:
           Seafood Deluxe in XO Sauce
           Sweet & Sour Whole Fish
           Sauteed Kangkong w. Belacan (Vegetarian)
           Malaysian Butter Prawn
           Twin Lobster in Ginger Scallion
           Chicken Rendang
           Singaporean Rice Noodle (Shrimp)
Dessert: Eight Treasure Sticky Rice
Drink:     Tea & Soda